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Richelle is a seasoned financial and client service master with a watchful eye on what is best for our clients. Richelle has put her 19 years of accounting (including 10 years in public accounting with Jackson Thornton and 6 years at the internationally recognized Southern Poverty Law Center) to great use handling operational tasks and account management ensuring that projects stay on task, goals are met and clients are satisfied.

She oversees the team that is directly responsible for on boarding and delivering services to our clients in the most cost effective manor using benefit rich solutions that precisely fit their needs and budget. Ever available, she is the key in maintaining the all important connection between client expectations and delivering great customer service.

She sees to it that client requests stay on task, goals are met, and clients are happy. Richelle has developed the client service organization of your dreams comprised of folks who are Focused, Dedicated, Smart, and Always on top of things.

Our leadership team greets each day as a new opportunity to provide our very best, set high goals, be honest, never say no, and to work with people who share our passion for doing the best.

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