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Top Challenges in a post-COVID-19 World

The COVID-19 pandemic has forever impacted how we work. For the foreseeable future,
organizations will be establishing new ways of working while grappling with the new norms
shaping their day-to-day. Along the way, there will also be several challenges to cope with. The
following are 5 of the top challenges in a post COVID-19 world for employers and HR professionals.

5 Top Challenges in a post-COVID-19 World

Re-imagining the Recruitment Process: Companies are having to rethink their
recruitment process. The adaptation to remote work will now allow candidates to virtually
interview. There is also a greater push for diversity. Reliance on traditional methods of
recruiting will need to be analyzed and possibly changed if organizations are going to
create a workforce more accurately reflecting society.

Not only are virtual interviews ideal for virtual hiring, but they also provide a more objective assessment of candidates. If companies are open to remote workers, it opens
the door to significantly larger candidate pools since you will not be bound by
geographical limits. Virtual interviews make it easier for candidates to complete
assessments on their own time or across time zones. HR will also now need to take
additional steps to attract candidates. Employers can no longer rely on reputation only.
Top talent is always in demand, and with virtual hiring and remote working, a greater
number of organizations will likely be targeting the same candidates as your

Retaining Employees: With a wide variety of employment options today, employees
now have many available opportunities. This means, if an employee feels unappreciated
or maltreated, they are likely to find another job. This, coupled with remote working, will
allow employees to easily leave one job, and find another they may not have had the
means to apply at previously (i.e., due to geographic location). Turnover not only harms
the working environment and productivity but also increases costs as well. HR will have
to devise ways to ensure their top employees do not stray. It will be more important than ever before for organizations to ensure their employees are appreciated and supported. This can be done in a few ways: Pay raises, promotions, bonuses, special assignments, employee rewards, and recognition programs, etc.

Mental Health and Well-Being: Mental health and overall wellness, has become an
unexpected priority for employers in the last year. There continues to be a great deal of
uncertainty for many employees when it comes to the health of loved ones, job security,
and high levels of general anxiety surrounding world events. As a result, the pandemic
has increased the trend of employers playing an expanded role in their employees’
financial, physical, and mental well-being. Such support may include enhanced sick
leave, financial assistance, adjusted hours of operation, and childcare provisions.
Support may also include such things as reduced copays for telehealth visits and mental
health consultations included in health plans.

Remote Work: This one seems to be one of the most common top challenges in a post-COVID-19 world. Companies need to evaluate remote work policies and decide what is
acceptable for the future. Employees who worked remotely during the pandemic may be
frustrated if they are called back into the office and may look for other job opportunities.
When hiring, companies will need to be more open to remote work. Permanent remote
work requires different skill sets, so HR will need to make sure assessment screenings
are adequate to assess fitness for remote work. It is likely virtual interviews and remote
hiring are here to stay.

Employee Work Tracking: With a move toward permanent remote work, employers
are increasingly using technology to monitor their employees work through methods
such as virtual clocking in and out, tracking work, computer usage, and monitoring
employee emails or internal communications/chat. While some companies track
productivity, others monitor employee engagement and well-being to better understand
employee experience.

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